Machine Quilting
I offer in-shop long-arm quilting services.  My prices begin at 1-1/2 cents per sq. inch for a simple edge-to-edge design on up to 3-1/2 cents for a more complicated design with blocks, sashing and borders.  Pricing varies on the difficulty of the quilt design and space — the more dense the quilting, the higher the price.  Minimum charge is $40.00. Custom quilting starts at 3-1/2 cents per square inch with a minimum charge of $125.00. 

Turnaround time – Edge to Edge quilting = usually 1-3 weeks, call or text for updates

*Disclaimer – Please be aware that the quality of your quilting is directly related to the quality and integrity of the quilt top and back. We know that no quilt is perfect and we always do our best with each quilt. We promise to try to make any flaws as inconspicuous as possible. Please know that we cannot be held responsible for problems that arise from: holes in seams, thick points, dark threads that may show through, fullness in the border and/or quilt, or any other problems that arise outside of our control. 

Custom Embroidery
I am happy to custom embroider names, dates, quilt block labels, etc.  Prices range from $10.00 and up.


Choosing a pattern can sometimes be the most difficult part of the process.  If you are unsure and need help designing your quilt, please feel free to email or text me.  I am always happy to help!  You can also write “quilters choice” on the order form and just tell me what price range to stay in.  Please note that if you would like your quilting design to go a specific direction on the quilt, please pin a note to the north.  

*A note for Free-motion custom quilting.  If you would like me to custom quilt for you. Please understand that all custom projects will be left up to my discretion how it is quilted.  Feel free to give any input or preference on design you want incorporated, but at the end of the day I have complete creative control over the quilt.

If you don’t see a design that you want, you can purchase a new design from one of these companies (or others). Here are a couple of our favorite websites, click to visit: 

Intelligent Quilting    My Creative Stitches    Urban Elementz    Wasatch Quilting


To assure a quality finished product and minimize your cost, please follow these basic guidelines.

  • Please make sure your quilt backing is 4″ bigger than your quilt top on all sides. If your backing is not 4″ bigger on all sides I will contact you and options can be discussed to either have you add on more fabric or I can charge extra to sew extra leads on, which will not match your backing, but can be cut off before binding.
  • Your top must be clean, pressed well making sure all seams are pressed flat, points and threads clipped and removed or they may show through later. Please also remove pins or basting threads.*
  • Please make sure the quilt top is pressed and lays flat to prevent puckering.
  • Square up and trim the quilt top to its final size measuring the same amount in 3 places in both directions.
  • Measure and press backing fabric. Please remember, it should measure 8″ larger than your top.

Please make it known when dropping off your quilt if your quilt top and/or backing is directional. If the backing has borders or insets that need to be centered, a $20 charge will be applied per quilt. See order form. ADD HYPERLINK

Please keep extra embellishments** off of your quilt until after quilting if possible.

*I do our best to provide you with the highest quality quilting. However, I am not responsible for any damage to your quilt due to piecing errors such as unsewn seams, loose threads, fullness of borders, irregular materials, et cetera.

**If you are planning on using buttons or other embellishments it is best to add them after the quilt is quilted. Most appliques are okay to add. Make sure to clip all threads, especially dark threads that may show through lighter fabric.  Please make sure there are no holes in any seams or any pins in the quilt top.

The backing & batting;

It is very important to make sure your backing and batting are bigger than your quilt top. Please make sure it is as close to 4″ bigger on each side as possible for both batting and backing. Bigger is not always better because its difficult to pin on a king size backing for a twin size quilt. If you would like me to provide the batting; I carry a beautiful 80/20 blend, 110-115 wide, batting that you can purchase for $8-$12 a yard. Make a note on the quilting request form. 

  • I cannot guarantee the outcome of any backings that are pieced.  I love to piece my backings, but I cannot control how it rolls on the machine. I gladly accept quilts with pieced backings as long as you are aware I am not responsible for the outcome although I will do my best.
  • It is very important to note on your Customer Worksheet form if there is a specific way you would like the backing to line up with your quilt top.  It is helpful to pin a note to the quilt top and backing, showing which sides are the north.
  • Please square up your backing so it can be pinned on straight or it will be left to my discretion.
  • Please DO NOT baste your quilt.  I have a specific way I have to load the quilt on and am unable to guarantee the integrity of the quilting if it is basted first.


You may submit a request before you drop your quilt off or send an email which will put your quilt in line for quilting. You may also print off a form and bring it or mail it with your quilt. If you are unsure of design or batting, you can discuss them when you drop off or I will call after receiving your quilt.  Based on these specifications, exact pricing will be determined. You can estimate the cost of your quilt using our pricing and your quilt measurements.  If you have any special concerns or requests, feel free to call, text or e-mail.

Shipping Preparation Guidelines

You are responsible for cost of shipping and shipping insurance.

I suggest that you have at least $250 insurance on your package. Once you send your package to us, please provide us with your packages tracking number.

When preparing your quilt to be shipped, please wrap it in layers of plastic to protect it from possible discoloration from the shipping box. I suggest using heavy duty garbage bags. Remember to include your backing and batting if I am not providing the batting. USPS and UPS are the most affordable options for shipping.

Shipping Address:

April’s Quilting Cottage
Attn: April Johnson
807 South 1680 West
Orem, Utah 84059

Pick up or return shipping – As soon as your quilt is finished, I will contact you and arrange pickup or shipping. If shipping, I will email you an invoice and payment arrangements can be made. 


1. Calculate the area of your quilt

Multiply length x width in inches. (Ex. a twin quilt measuring 72″ x 90″ is 6,480 square inches)

2. Multiply the area of your quilt by the price per square inch

(Ex. for basic edge to edge quilting it would be $.015/sq. inch or 6480 x $.015 = $97.20 for a twin quilt)

Pricing varies depending on the complexity or density of the quilting pattern chosen.

Edge to edge Computerized ……………………….  $0.015-0.035/sq inch depending on design (see patterns page) HYPERLINK

Edge to edge Freemotion ……………………….  $0.015-0.035/sq inch depending on design

Custom quilting (freemotion and computerized)  ………………………….$.035/sq inch and up 

Minimum charge……………..$40.00 for basic overall quilting 

Custom minimum charge………………$125.00  

3. Add the cost of thread

I charge for thread to enable me to offer a wide variety of thread colors. I charge 1.25 per bobbin used. Below are close to what it would charge for certain sizes. 

Baby and Lap ………………………  $4.00

Twin ………………………………….  $6.00

Queen ………………………………..  $8.00

King ………………………………….  $10.00

4. Add optional batting charges

Feel free to bring your own batting or you can purchase mine.  I usually use the shortest side of the quilt to measure out batting.  So it is safe to assume you will use this much batting.  (ie if your quilt is 92X70, I would cut 75 (five extra for quilting)  inches of batting.  75/36 =  2.08yds.   I return all extra batting and backing to the customer.

6 oz 100% Bamboo …$14.99/yd

80/20 Blend… $10.99/yd

100% Wool….. $14.99/yd

5. Add optional binding charges

To calculate binding you need to find the linear inches. Just add all 4 sides together and multiply that number by the price.  You will need to provide the fabric for binding.  To find out how much fabric you need for your quilt, follow this formula. 

(Width of quilt x 2) plus (Length of quilt x 2) plus (15″extra) = Total inches needed

(Total inches needed) divided into the width of fabric you are going to use for your binding. most are 42″)

Lets say your quilt is 80″X 90″

160″ + 180″ + 15″ = 355″

355″‘ / 42″ 

8.45 total strips 

Binding is cut 2.5″ 

I round the 8.45 strips to 9 strips

9 strips x 2.5″ = 22.5″ – the total yardage you need to send for the binding on a quilt size 80 X 90.  

If this is too confusing, just send a yard to be safe and all excess will be sent back to you! 

Option 1 ……   $.15/inch  Includes trimming the quilt, making the binding, and machine sewing it to the top for the customer to hand sew later. ($.10/inch if you cut the binding and iron it in half lengthwise. You sew the binding strips and press in half and I attach it to the front of quilt. (Quilt is returned to you, ready for YOU to stitch  the binding to the back of the quilt.)

Option 2 ……  $.25/linear inch includes trimming the quilt, making the binding, and machine sewing it completely on the quilt. 

Option 3 ……  $.35/linear inch includes trimming the quilt, making the binding, and hand sewing it completely on the quilt. 

There is a $45 minimum charge on options 2 & 3. 

6. Add cost of extra services and surcharges

Ironing (only upon request) ………………………………………..  $35.00/hr

Piecing the back of the quilt ………………………………………..  $10.00 per seam